How to Shop


To shop online with Online Curtains you will first need to set up your "Playspace", where you will have your own space to create and design your curtains just the way you want them.

To set up your own "Playspace", please Register here.

Having registered you can log in and out as many times as you like . There is NO OBLIGATION TO BUY even though you have viewed your quote.

Once you have logged in, go to "Start Here" and follow the simple steps (the site is automated and will take you through each step):

1.  Select Styles for your curtains
2.  Select Tracks and Finials (if you require these)
3.  Select Fabrics, Linings and Trims for your curtains
4.  Select Curtain Headings
5.  Select Tiebacks (if required) 

At any point, you can go back and make changes to your selections (which will list in the panel on the right hand side of the page) .
If you require quotes for more than one window, after you have seen the first quote click on "New Curtain" in the selection panel on the right hand side of the page. This will then take you back to select another style.


If you are struggling and need advice or assistance with measurements, you can email your measurements with a photo of your window (as an attachment) and we will help you.


If, when you purchase your curtains and tracks, you would like to install the track first and then do a final measure, we can accomodate this.  However, some changes to the original curtain length may incur purchase of additional fabric (see Terms and Conditions) .  This may alter your quote slightly.   If you require your track first, you will have an opportunity to tick a box as you process your order.

If you are selecting a double track and you wish to purchase curtains for each track follow the steps below:

1.  Make selections as normal for the front track and get a quote. Then a Text Box will say - "You have chosen a Double Track. To create a curtain for the other track please go to ‘create a new curtain’ and make sure you enter the same “Room name, Window No. and Measurements
2.  Go to New Curtain in selection panel (on the right) and start at 01 Curtain Styles to begin your selections for the other track (You will be taken back to the Tracks page but you only need to select from ‘Thanks I have my track’)
3.  It is very important to enter  the same "Room, Window No. and Measurement data" that you used for the front track.
4.  If you select a 50mm Wooden Poletrack, the specialised painting process may take longer.  We will give you an ETA when you place your order.


Delivery is usually 4 - 6 weeks from the time you place your order or when we receive any changes to the curtain length (only if you have opted to have your track delivered first). 

Deliveries require a signature on the consignment note. However, if you are unable to sign for delivery or need to have a third party take delivery and sign, you will need to give us the special instructions when you enter your customer details (see” If no one is at home please select one of the following “in the checkout process on the Order Summary page).

OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS:   Please Note:  If you select a delivery address other than an Australian postcode ,we will email you with additional freight costs before processing your order.  These will need to be paid before your order can proceed.