1.  Do you send fabric samples?
Answer: Yes we do. On the top of the quote you generate there is a box you can tick requesting a sample of the fabric used in that quote. Alternatively, just let us know what samples you would like to see and we will organise it for you. We send up tp 6 in one request.
  1. What Linings are total light blockout?
Answer: Any of the linings that have BO after their name are 3Pass blockout coated fabrics.
  1. Why do I even need a lining?
Answer: Linings do a number of things. They protect your fabric from the damaging effects of UV, ie fading and general breaking down of fabric fibres. They help keep a room warmer in winter and cooler in summer. They also help you control the amount of light entering the room. 3 Pass or BO linings are 100% blockout. 1 Pass and Uncoated Linings let filtered light through the fabric.
  1. What is the best way to darken a theatre room?
Answer: Fit your curtains under a Pelmet, take them right to the floor and well past the window on both sides. Use a track with end brackets so that you can return your curtains to the wall.
  1. Can you supply pelmets?
Answer: Yes, we are happy to supply fully upholstered pelmets. This is an offline service and we can talk you through how to measure by email.
  1. Can you supply Roman Blinds?
Answer: Yes, we are happy to supply roman blinds. This is an offline service and we can talk you through how to measure by email. We will also send you images of our Roman Blind styles
  1. What if I am having trouble working out the length of the curtain for new tracks?
Answer: Go to HOW TO MEASURE at the top of the HOME PAGE to  “Measuring for new curtains and tracks”. Point 5 helps you work out the length of your curtains. You can also decide to have your track delivered first so that you can fit it and then finetune the length of your curtain.
  1. I already have my track. How do I get the length of the curtain correct?
Answer: That’s no problem we can still make your curtains. In order to enter the correct length of your curtains, go to HOW TO MEASURE at the top of the HOME PAGE and scroll down to “Measuring for new curtains to fit tracks that already installed” and you will find where to measure “from” and “to” for your existing track type..
  1. Can I send photos of the look I want?
Answer: Yes, definitely!  Photos can really help us to understand where you are coming from.  Also, if there are tricky issues with a window or door, an image often explains it better than words.
  1. If I have a non-standard window can you help?
Answer: We are always happy help find a solution with windows and doors that might be a bit different from the norm.
  1. How long do I have to wait for my curtains?
Answer: We quote 4-6 weeks from the date the order is placed. Fabrics stocks change from one day to the next so if your fabric is on backorder we will let you know.
  1. Why do my existing curtain headings tip forward?
Answer: Curtain headings will tip forward when you have the wrong hooks in the curtain for your track. When the hook is in the curtain heading, the measurement from the top of hook to the top of the curtain will be too great. You will need to choose a hook that lessens this measurement. Feel free to send images of the hook you have, the curtain heading and the track so we can advise you.
  1. How far off the floor should my curtains sit?
Answer: Curtains are usually manufactured so that they sit 10-15mm off the floor. The weight of the curtains on their hooks makes them settle so they move a little closer to the floor.
  1. Can I buy tracks separately?
Answer: You can purchase separately from our Warehouse. We will then contact you about whether the track is to take one curtain that stacks to the left or the right, or a pair of curtains. The track will be made to suit.
  1. Can you help me find some gliders to match the ones on my track?
Answer: Send an image of the glider you need and we will try to source it for you.
  1. Can you supply other fabrics from Australian Fabric Houses that aren’t on your website?
Answer: Yes, we can supply any fabric currently in stock on any of our supplier’s websites. You will find links to their websites at the base of the home page.
  1. Why do you prefer to respond to clients via email?
Answer: We prefer all enquiries to come to us via email so that we can research your question properly and give you a comprehensive answer. Often our explanations are long and involved, so, if they are in writing, you won’t have to try to remember what we said.