When you are decorating, it is natural to think of colour but to really add something extra, think of texture.

Textures in the whites and neutrals, or even texture achieved by fabrics that have a small print or a fine stripe, are the tools you need to add to a space without making it feel too cluttered or overwhelmed by colour. Adding texture in neutrals allows you to save your stronger colour choices for the things you really want your eye to go to.....like artwork or cushions or rugs.
Texture on the walls can easily come from curtaining and/or wallpaper. The idea is to add visual interest rather than a "feature wall" so take the wall paint colour as your lead. Add the curtains or paper in an exact match or a lighter or deeper tone to achieve the mood that you want but don't stray too far away from the tonal depth of the paint.

Texture in rugs or cushions or throws adds movement to the "intimate spaces".....the space in the centre of the room where people congregate to relate to each other.

Texture in artwork adds a third dimension to a room whether it be free standing or on the walls, consoles or coffee tables.

Turn your mind to texture when you are decorating. It can be your secret weapon to taking your design skills up a notch!