Coated Curtain Fabrics have been around for a very long time.

We can all remember "rubber backed curtains"! When they got hot from the sun they stuck together and the rubber, over time, peeled away!

A COATED FABRIC is made by taking a standard uncoated fabric and applying an opaque coating on the back of the fabric to give it improved light absorption. The coating can be applied a number of times to improve this.

A fabric that has been through the coating process once is called "1-pass-coated" and this gives the fabric the ability to absorb 50-70% of a direct light source.

The most commonly used coated curtain fabrics are "3-pass-coated" and this is enough to absorb 100% of a direct light source. We call these fabrics "blockout" coated fabrics.

Now they look and feel totally different. All the latest good quality coated fabrics are softer and drape much better when pleated.  

The value in using coated fabrics is in the fact that you only need one layer for your curtains instead of two as when you have an attached lining.
Your costs are reduced on the making and also because you don't need the additional metres of fabric for the lining.

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