Not sure where to start?

 Curtains need to do a practical job for you, they should not only look good, they should help make living in your home more comfortable.
These are the questions to ask yourself.

1. What room is it?

2. Is privacy an issue?

3. How dark do you want the room to be?

4. What is the aspect?

Only after answering these questions should you look to the decorating style you want and the colour scheme. 

Lets take an example You want curtains for a west facing window in a living room at the front of the house which is right on the street. You don't want the room dark in the daytime but need privacy all day and protection from the heat in the afternoon. This room is your main entertaining area and you want it to reflect your contemporary minimalist style.

The answers to our 4 questions in this example are:

1. Living Room.

2. Yes, daytime and nightime.

3. Doesn't really matter.

4. West facing window so blockout fabric will help with the afternoon heat. 

AND a solution? 

The track and curtain configuration that will work is a double track with a sheer fabric on one track and a blockout fabric on the other track.

Now lets look to your style, contemporary and minimalist, and make that configuration reflect it

Perhaps, a double Tubeslider in Colour Platypus with a wave curtain in a beautiful silver shimmer sheer on the front track and a  soft coloured blockout lining fabric for another curtain on the rear track. 

You can choose different fabrics and colours for the LOOK you want. Always asking yourself the questions above will help lead you to curtains that work well AND reflect your style.